Distribution Information

Distribution Policy

The Trust has a policy to pay distributions to unitholders at least 2 times a year. However, the Trust Manager might consider paying special dividends to unitholders as it deems necessary and appropriate.

  1. In the event that the Trust has net profit in any accounting period, the Trust Manager shall distribute distributions to unitholders for not less than 90% of the net profit after deducting unrealised gain on revaluation or valuation review of the properties or leasehold rights of the properties in that accounting period, including other adjustments according to the Notification of the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  2. In the event that the Trust has accumulated loses remaining, the Trust Manager will not pay distributions to unitholders.


Performance Period Payment Date Distribution
(THB per Trust Unit)
Type of Distribution
01/07/17-31/10/17 07/12/17 0.2028 Dividend
01/04/17-30/06/17 06/09/17 0.1600 Dividend
01/01/17-31/03/17 08/06/17 0.1600 Dividend
01/10/16-31/12/16 20/03/17 0.1600 Dividend
01/07/16-30/09/16 06/12/16 0.1600 Dividend
01/04/16-30/06/16 05/09/16 0.1702 Dividend
01/01/16-31/03/16 07/06/16 0.1800 Dividend
01/11/15-31/12/15 22/03/16 0.0940 Dividend
01/10/15-30/10/15 30/11/15 0.0637 Dividend
01/07/15-30/09/15 30/11/15 0.1743 Capital Return
01/07/15-30/09/15 30/11/15 0.0370 Dividend
01/04/15-30/06/15 04/09/15 0.1934 Capital Return
12/12/14-31/03/15 12/06/15 0.2175 Dividend

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