General Information

Name TICON Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust (“TREIT”)
Offerings Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2014 THB 3,425 million
1st Additional Offering in 2015 THB 2,243 million
Total Offering THB 5,668 million
Fund Raising
(including Loan)
Initial Fund Raising in 2014 THB 4,285 million
1st Additional Fund Raising in 2015 THB 3,202 million
Total Fund Raising THB 7,487 million
Investments in Properties Initial Investment in 2014: THB 4,228 million
1st Additional Investment in 2015: THB 3,159 million
Total Investment THB 7,387 million
Total Asset Value of REIT ("TAV") THB 7,756 million
Equity Value THB 5,542 million
Loan Outstanding Value THB 1,819 million (23% of TAV)
Distribution Policy At least 2 times a year
Distribution Payment At least 90% of Annual Adjusted Net Profit
Holding Limit No more than 50% of Total Trust units sold
Secondary Market The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Remark: Information as of Quarter 1/2017

REIT Structure